And here we go

No wins or goals in the last three games? Check. Most hated club in the UK for the past week? Check. Upcoming EFL meeting that will likely result in a points deduction? Check. Damn, it feels good to be a Blues fan.

Well, no, it really doesn’t feel good at the moment. The mood all around the club right now is by far the lowest it’s been this season and with good reason. On the pitch players look bereft of ideas, off it we’ve got our holier-than-thou neighbours giving it large after Sunday’s happenings and far away in an office in Preston it sounds like the powers that be are ready to cut us down to size.

Life works in waves; with the good and the bad seemingly coming all at once, one followed by the other. This seems to also apply to the continued existence of Birmingham City FC, as it feels like it’s all come crashing down at once.

From cruising a 10-game unbeaten run and comfortably turning over the likes of Stoke and Nottingham Forest before the turn of the year, we seem to have found ourselves sliding to the other end of the spectrum with the worst form we’ve seen since Garry Monk arrived through the doors.

It’s hard to sugar-coat it, so I won’t. The football’s dire at the moment and we’re in desperate need of something or someone to re-energise the boys and get them playing with the heads as well as their feet again. I say heads, as clearly no one in a blue shirt was using theirs on Wednesday evening as we lobbed the ball up the pitch for the 400th time as 5’7 Isaac Vassell and 5’9 Che Adams were again asked to climb the literal man mountains that made up Millwall’s defence.

12 shots on goal on Wednesday – 1 on target.

It’s no secret we’ve been kind of overachieving this season but no one could deny how calm and collected we were going about business up until recently. We’ve not been playing the prettiest football but we’ve sure been playing to our strengths, and that’s what kept Blues fans happy for much of the season.

Now though it seems that our back up plan for when things get a little tough is open the gates and allow our opponents to waltz on through for a formal meeting with the championship’s very own Gianluigi Buffon.

Off the pitch, it isn’t much better either, with the simmering tension of the upcoming disciplinary meeting just around the corner. No one truly knows what’s going to be the outcome of this meeting – but whatever it is, I still think the real injustice is the fact that Blues fans have had nothing but rumours and scaremongering journalism to go on in terms of what to expect and it’s done nothing but cast a looming shadow on an otherwise enjoyable season.

Fans have every right to be a little fearful at the moment. Every team goes through a rough patch in a season, sure, but a rough patch combined with a hefty points deduction would, as they say, be the most ‘blues’ thing to ever occur in the game.

A beautiful representation of all blues this past week.

With everything that’s happened thus far this season, it’s easy to get lost in the current slump and parade our woes and fears all over social media for all to relate to, but it’s worth remembering that this is Blues – we’ve had it worse.

From relegation, imprisoned owners, questionable managerial spells and transfer embargoes, all of this doom and gloom isn’t really new to a long-term fan. I have no doubt the rest of the season will be a rollercoaster of emotions once again, but who said we were allowed a boring, mid-table mediocrity campaign?

The point is, it’s been a while since things were this bad and I understand why people are expecting the worst. All we can do is show up, make some noise and keep on getting behind a team that, let’s not forget, has made us incredibly proud for most of the season. Times like these were always going to come because the day Birmingham City Football Club has a solid season of entirely good luck will be the season in which hell freezes over.

We’ve ridden it out before and we’ll ride it out again.

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