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Gypsy Water by Gypsy Brew

Imagine if you will, deepest darkest Droitwich, a shady scene as bags are put into car boots I’m clandestine fashion, the sound of bottles clanging as they are passed about. These individuals depart…. this is the seedy underbelly of beer reviews, a murky world where only the strong survive! Who were these shady individuals? Well, it was Gary who’s one of the brains behind Gypsy Brew and Me….

Gypsy Brew is brewed out of a micro brewery in Weatheroak Hill which is 5 minutes from Birmingham city’s Wast Hills training ground, situated outside the excellent Coach and Horses pub, their debut beer is the one I’m trying today, an American Pale Ale. You can purchase your own beers on the Gypsy Brew website¬†

So what did I think?


Big fan of this Americana type labelling, stands out from the crowd, jolly looking lady on the front is always a winner with me!



Excellent aroma on this, sets up the taste wonderfully.



A slightly hazy deep light Amber to this. Very inviting.



A sharp and sweet American Pale that really packs in a lot of flavour without being over powering, an excellent session beer!



Very impressed with Gypsy Brews debut, a real powerhouse start from the fine folk on Weatheroak Hill! I'd put this up against any of the "Big boys" and something you could easily session on all year round.

Grab yourself some as soon as possible.



One cold December evening in a Wetherspoons pub I thought I'd do that thing where you put your table number on Twitter, My pal Steve from Essex bought me two cans of "Elvis Juice". He'd been trying to get me on the Craft beers for a while, but I'd always batted it away as "Grapefruit Flavoured piss water". HOW WRONG WAS I!!! It started me off, I got into it! I loved it! I wrote about on twitter and took stupid pictures of me Kissing Cans! Now I'm here! Nearly 40, never growing up! Loves his Beer, loves his Food! UP THE BIRMINGHAM!

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