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In Motion by Attic Brew Co.

Sometimes, Life is good. Sure, other times it’s a bit rubbish, but on the whole it’s pretty decent. Certain days really remind you how “Life is good” one of those days, A day like last Friday.

An absolute scorcher, (talc on the gremlin definitely needed) no work and I was cruising down Mary Vale Road on my way to meet the good folk at Attic Brew Co. to pick up a case of beer! Now, it’s not your typical pub set up, you enter a little industrial estate and tucked away in the corner you spot the black and white sign, like a bat signal for booze lovers!

Greeted by one of the Attic lads I was shown inside, as it was the middle of the day I caught a glimpse into just how much work goes into the Beer making magic! Bags of ingredients on pallets and huge vats doing their thing! Oli the Gaffer pointed out the big one was brewing up a new batch of Helles on Earth Lager, one of the best lagers on the market currently (back in stock soon I’m assured). When I asked if he would mind if I just sat underneath and turned the tap on he nervously laughed… I was being deadly serious though. Maybe next visit….

Now onto the main event…. In Motion. A 5% Hazy Ipa.


The Bold white Attic logo sits on a psychedelic blur of colour, I do like the art theme Attic uses, trippy!

Side note, I'm not sure what type of can they use down there but I took one out the fridge and it stayed cold for quite a long time, is this a new thing? if so I can get on board with it!



Not an overly fragrant beer but it was pleasant and not overpowering like some.



I'm a sucker for a Hazy beer! I don't know why, I just seem to get on with them famously! A golden glow to this pint, almost urging me to quaff!



*takes big sip*.... Aaaaahhhhh. that's what happened! Was a bit muggy and warm today, I was in need, No, I demanded a refreshing pint and my word did this deliver!

A juicy number with hints of Melon and Pineapple, still a proper IPA with a tangy after taste though, I had intended to drink just the one for the sake of the review but I didn't. Ok....I'm weak.



This is a beer garden beer, no doubt about it. A tangy, refreshing ale that is a delight! In stock now and can be purchased via their webshop or even better, book a table down at the Attic itself and grab a pint and drink it in their courtyard!

29B Mary Vale Road, Stirchley, B30 2DA. Next to Bournville train station, so no excuse!

Tell them Woz sent you!

"Loves got the world in motion
And I know what we can do
Loves got the world in motion
And I can't believe it's true!"



One cold December evening in a Wetherspoons pub I thought I'd do that thing where you put your table number on Twitter, My pal Steve from Essex bought me two cans of "Elvis Juice". He'd been trying to get me on the Craft beers for a while, but I'd always batted it away as "Grapefruit Flavoured piss water". HOW WRONG WAS I!!! It started me off, I got into it! I loved it! I wrote about on twitter and took stupid pictures of me Kissing Cans! Now I'm here! Nearly 40, never growing up! Loves his Beer, loves his Food! UP THE BIRMINGHAM!

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