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Raving Brummie by Birmingham Brewing Co.

Why am I here? Whats going on? Who is this person? Well, let me fill you in! One gloomy Sunday evening, the phone pings and it’s the head honcho of We Are Birmingham, our very own version of Dong but actually competent. “You like beer, right?” Incorrect, I love Beer!!

A short conversation and it’s led to me reviewing beers from our local (and sometimes further out) Brewers! How do you turn something like that down!? Brum is in a bit of a Craft beer revolution at present, some of the best beer in the country is brewed literally on my doorstep! Of course, I have to get involved as I think that a lot of people are stuck in the supermarket aisle when it comes too picking up some booze and are missing out on some absolutely amazing beers!

Up until December last year I was one of them, a generic lager drinker who would shy away from these beers purely down to sheer ignorance. A twitter joke where Damo and I challenged our followers to “do your worst” after we gave our table number out. We had the usual; Fruit shoots, Milk, Bowl of peas but among all the “Oi Oi Banter” was a couple of cans of Elvis Juice (Courtesy of @robotexpression), as a red blooded Brummie and one to never shy away from challenge I Gleefully grabbed the can and took a sip with a bullish “see what all the fuss is about” swagger….

A switch had been flipped, I was into it! A flood of questions entered my mind “will I have to buy some moustache wax and a flannel shirt?” etc… but it was the start of my new love affair with the Craft Beers. I took to Twitter to showcase my new booze adventures and tell people what I thought of it, must have done something right as… Here I am!

First up then, is Raving Brummie by The Birmingham Brewing Co. 

This Brewery is a personal favourite of mine and they produce a number of excellent beers, So I was over the moon when I got some of these limited edition beers, it’s a pale ale with passion fruit and citrus flavours. 5% of the sale of each can went to the excellent Cocomad Festival that is held in Cotteridge Park every year, Obviously it couldn’t take place this year, However they have raised over £250 for the cause. Top work.


A bold and simple design that really stands out, following the theme of the other BBC beers, it's always easy to spot them on the shelves in the bottle shops and now the Morrison's in Stirchley! The little Cocomad logo on the side is nice touch!



Cracking the can and your nose is filled with Citrus and Passion fruit. Lovely!



Sat admiring it in the glass, a slightly hazy but vivid amber "Drink me Woz, Drink me"... so I did.



First taste and it zings on the tongue, what struck me was how light and crisp it was when drinking, the passion fruit and citrus flavours complimented the hoppy taste, a very pleasurable Quaff this one, my only regret is that I didn't have a lot more!



This is a festival in a can. When drinking it I could just imagine myself sat in Cotteridge park at Cocomad, sun beaming down, music in the background, painted faces all around, the smell of the food trucks.... made me both smile and feel a bit sad that we won't get to experience it this year, but I tell you what, this beer makes up for it!

At the time of the review the beer wasn't available, however I've been told that its due to be put back in production again soon! They do have a load of other delicious beers and if you spend over £20 you get free delivery to any 'B' postcode.

Show them some love, tell them Woz sent you.



One cold December evening in a Wetherspoons pub I thought I'd do that thing where you put your table number on Twitter, My pal Steve from Essex bought me two cans of "Elvis Juice". He'd been trying to get me on the Craft beers for a while, but I'd always batted it away as "Grapefruit Flavoured piss water". HOW WRONG WAS I!!! It started me off, I got into it! I loved it! I wrote about on twitter and took stupid pictures of me Kissing Cans! Now I'm here! Nearly 40, never growing up! Loves his Beer, loves his Food! UP THE BIRMINGHAM!

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