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Sadler’s Peaky Blinder Lager

It’s a cold, foggy night down Garrison Lane, the whiff of Small Heath fills your nose… You ask yourself “What am I even doing this side of town, I live in south Brum?”. So you hot foot it back to home base to get some Sadler’s peaky Blinder Lager down your neck because the Garrison pub has been shut for ages and walking around Small Heath in the dark isn’t really advised anymore!

Now I’ve seen the Peaky Blinder range of beers knocking about for a while now and sort of dismissed them as a gimmick and to be honest, given Sadler’s pedigree in the beer making world I’ve now come to realise that it was a silly move on my behalf because this is a legit lager! I did try the lager on it’s first inception when it appeared in Bar 8 down St Andrews, but it’s a different taste now and I’m all for it!

I could happily sit and quaff this while Tommy and Arthur moan about taking on the Italians…..



Old mugshots of the actual Peaky Blinders adorn the can with bold purple and black making it stand out, Like it a lot!

Maybe Stella could get mugshots of convicted wife beaters on it's cans to really jazz it up!



I may be odd (quiet you!) but I always give the can a sniff when I first crack it open, this had a fresh smell with a very subtle but barely noticeable citrus note. The Obvious lager aroma cuts through, I knew I'd get on with this.



The Mrs actually said "it looks crisp!", I have to agree, a pale clear lager.



This definitely isn't the same beer I drank when it first came out, it's a light refreshing beer with subtle citrus flavour and a soft bitterness to it that really cuts through. This is no doubt a craft lager but it's not overly "Crafty" tasting if that makes sense? I've really enjoyed this, so much so that the boys on the Fat Lads Go In Goal podcast might not get any!



I've really enjoyed this Lager, Sadler's have really got a good bit of pint here and I'd love to see it on tap sometime soon! a good session beer, will certainly be getting some more!

Who's that tall handsome man, In a dusty black coat and why does he have red right hand?

You can purchase your Peaky Blinder lager and more from sadlersales.co.uk.




One cold December evening in a Wetherspoons pub I thought I'd do that thing where you put your table number on Twitter, My pal Steve from Essex bought me two cans of "Elvis Juice". He'd been trying to get me on the Craft beers for a while, but I'd always batted it away as "Grapefruit Flavoured piss water". HOW WRONG WAS I!!! It started me off, I got into it! I loved it! I wrote about on twitter and took stupid pictures of me Kissing Cans! Now I'm here! Nearly 40, never growing up! Loves his Beer, loves his Food! UP THE BIRMINGHAM!

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