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Skinny Lager

It’s that time of year, too much food, sweets, beer and family members who you put off seeing until special occasions, the one positive thing to come out of the Coronavirus pandemic is that we have a ready made excuse to stop undesirables visiting….

You’ve probably seen it plastered all over social media “New Year, New me!”, photos of people out running and and doing Joe Wicks YouTube videos in their living rooms and all that Jazz. All of that stuff is great but what I’m after as a beer swilling oik is a beer that doesn’t sacrifice flavour for calories. Let’s be honest, we have all tried “light” beers before and more often than not it’s basically carbonated water with a slight beer taste and you end up throwing the other cans in the four pack away…

But do we have that mythical thing? The guilt (almost) free beer? Maybe… lets find out!


We were fortunate to be sent some glassware with our bottles, a blade bottle opener and a slick brochure on what the brand is all about. I'll be honest I'm impressed. The branding and the style is all very suave and somewhat detracts from the fact it's essentially a diet lager, but it's not just that, it's pretty sexy!



Nothing stood out after a quick whiff but I didn't expect it to, because unlike the others it's not a craft beer but a new main stream lager. Standard lager pangs.



Now, once poured it has all that light amber bubbly goodness to look at! Ice cold in a frosted glass it was advert worthy levels of beer porn.



Now, this is the one isn't it. We've all had the watered down "light" beer and it's pretty shocking usually... is that the case here? No, it doesn't shy away from it being a proper lager and at 4% abv it has the kick to go with it! Crisp and refreshing it's been going down well in the Woz household.



Finally a decent (almost) guilt free beer! Those of us looking to shrink the gut and look after ourselves have a beer we can enjoy and not worry about it turning us into Rab C.Nesbitt. When I said it's gone down well in our household I wasn't lying, we are now on our 3rd case!

You can easily pick these up direct from the lovely people at Skinny Brands or those of you with Amazon prime can get one next day for just a £1-ish a bottle (12x bottles £12.80 at time of writing). Add to that it's also gluten free and vegan you have zero excuses not to pile on. Cheers!

They've got a good thing going here, I reckon I'll be doing Zumba in that unitard in no time!



One cold December evening in a Wetherspoons pub I thought I'd do that thing where you put your table number on Twitter, My pal Steve from Essex bought me two cans of "Elvis Juice". He'd been trying to get me on the Craft beers for a while, but I'd always batted it away as "Grapefruit Flavoured piss water". HOW WRONG WAS I!!! It started me off, I got into it! I loved it! I wrote about on twitter and took stupid pictures of me Kissing Cans! Now I'm here! Nearly 40, never growing up! Loves his Beer, loves his Food! UP THE BIRMINGHAM!

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