Blues 0 – 1 Luton 13/02/21

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  1. This has got to be the worst team and football I’ve watched over the 58 years I’ve supported them awful we can’t string two passes together never look like scoring our defending is woeful what has this manager improved since he has been in charge got to go clueless

  2. Worst display of the season by a mile when there us so much at stake. Karanka is a deluded, arrogant control freak with no charisma or leadership skills. The last minutes did it for me….Jaranka shrugging his shoulders while Jones screams encouragement and direction. There us only one thing you need to be a leader……followers and u can think of no reason why anyone would follow Karanka

  3. If AK and Ding think we are playing good football then they can both go . No game plan ‘hot potato’ football , no pace ,lacklustre defending . Confidence is everything and we haven’t got any . That falls at the feet of the manager , then again he would boot it down the tunnel

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