Following In Monk’s Footsteps

We all know how much of a brilliant job that Garry Monk and his backroom staff have done since they’ve come in at St Andrews. However, can it be bettered? That’s what I will be trying to find out.

Of course, I’m not going to be taking up the managerial position over Garry anytime soon (or ever) but I’m talking about Football Manager 2019. If you’re a big football fan yourself, you’ll probably have heard of the Football Manager games. If you have, there is probably a chance that you’ve been addicted to one throughout the years Sports Interactive have been making them. I have to say that I am Football Manager addict, I absolutely love the game. Taking a team from the Conference North/South and taking them all the way to Champions League success is something that never feels old and never feels less rewarding. Of course, Football Manager doesn’t always work out that way, veterans of the series will only know that too well.

Instead of doing my traditional take a team from the conference and build them up scenario, I thought I would focus my FM19 Career with Blues. This will more than likely go south right from the off, with TTA deciding to sack me before the January window even opens but I wanted to give it a go and see if I could virtually replicate the success that Garry Monk and his team have had.

Next week I’ll be opening up with my first proper entry into my Football Manager career with Blues. I’ll be discussing my transfer budget, players I’m looking to let go and players I’d ideally like to bring in based on the budget that has been given to me. However, by writing this introduction, I’d love the WAB Community to get involved and help me out a little by letting me know your suggestions. Ideally, these are the topics I would like your opinions with this week:

  • Players you think that would be good to sign on FM19 for Blues
  • What formation do you think I should use? Should I go with Garry’s 4-4-2?
  • Any young gems that you have found yourself on FM and would be perfect for my Blues team

This blog may well last a couple of short weeks until my time at Blues comes to an abrupt end but on the other hand, I could possibly take Blues back into the Premier League. One thing is for sure, I’ll be doing my utmost best to make Garry Monk himself proud of the virtual job I do down at St Andrews. Garry, if you’re reading this, let me in to some of your secrets!

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