Introducing Tim Senna

You guys most likely won’t have heard of me so an introduction is in order. My name is Tim Senna, I’m 23 years old, I work in radio for the BBC & I’m already a long-suffering Bluenose.

Birmingham’s Underground Music Scene is the UK’s Best

Given our club’s second Gregxit in just over as many years it’s probably a relief to you I won’t be talking too much about the state of our club.

What I am going to do, now and in the future, is do everything I can to rep Birmingham’s wonderful, manic and insanely underrated local music scene, especially when it comes to indie & rock music.

The guys from We Are Birmingham approached me to collab because the plan was always for WAB to be more than just about football, but about Birmingham as OUR city. The music, the food, the nightlife etc. This is probably because of the aforementioned Gregxits but also because as Brummies we are constantly told by outside voices that our city is shit, our accent is shit and that we have no culture.

That couldn’t be further from the truth and over the past year I’ve spent hours going to local gigs and capturing the absolute lunacy of what has become known of the Madlands. Think a few hundred indie fans bouncing & hanging off the rooves of our local venues before stumbling out into the Digbeth night. It links back to football strangely well as our home gigs are like home games for local bands- everyone shows up, everyone celebrates each song like a 90th minute goal and it feels like one massive diverse family.

I’m so psyched to share these memories with you through We Are Birmingham and so privileged to be on this platform – if you’re interested check out one of my recent vlogs with a band called Ivory Wave. If you like Kasabian (which I’m guessing you will since you’re a football fan if you’re reading this) You will LOVE these boys. The show itself was pandemonium & saw tens of inflatables bouncing around the O2 Academy and the set even being stopped after 2 songs thanks to a flare being let off.

It’s a crazy wonderful thing fellow Bluenoses & I’d love you to all become a part of it:

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