John Terry: An opportunity missed?

“John Terry completes move to Aston Villa”… not normally a headline that most Blues fans would want to read… Or is it?

The transfer saga of John Terry has ravaged on throughout the City and has been ever present on Social Media for the last week or so, causing much deliberation and debate with every hashtag.

The battle for his signature has seen both sets of fans claiming that their rivals were making a poor decision by courting Terry’s signature, rather comically, some fans had miraculously switched opinions once the deal was confirmed – with both sides of the expressway being guilty.

John Terry

Come Saturday 5th August, John Terry will be in claret and blue. He will most likely be considered the best centre-half in the league, and it would be unfair to say he didn’t have the appropriate pedigree to back up that claim.

Named UEFA Defender of the year on no less than 3 occasions, Terry was also included in the FIFPro World XI for five consecutive seasons. Not to mention the numerous club honours he’s won alongside the personal accolades.

The switch from London to the West Midlands has garnered lots of national coverage, articles, tweets, opinions and coverage. Terry himself actually managed to stay fairly quiet throughout the whole process.There was just the odd game of golf on the Algarve…

Now the transfer has been completed, what has the man himself said about the move?

It wasn’t a financial decision, if that was the case I certainly wouldn’t be here.

I could have played in the Premier League – I had offers from other Premier League clubs, with a lot more money – or on other continents.

I’m here because the hunger and the ambition is the exact same as mine, and that’s to win this league and get back to the Premier League.

John Terry, speaking to TalkSPORT.

With Blues missing out on a player lauded as best central defender to ever grace the Premier League, surely the fans should be upset?

I’m not convinced that we should be and I think its a sentiment a few fans share with me.

Now, I don’t dispute that John Terry would have been a top signing and fantastic for the club. Especially knowing the intangible traits and ability he would bring on the field, not to mention all the revenue and marketing opportunities off it. Redknapp missing out on his main target could actually work out to be one of the best things that happens to Blues this transfer window. Here’s why:

I have been a great John Terry fan forever, I think he is a fantastic player.

“But – and again I am telling you the truth – after the initial offer we made John, we made him a great offer, I started to think ‘Maybe I need five or six players and maybe rather than putting all my eggs in one basket I can spread John’s money and I can improve the squad more’.

Harry Redknapp, speaking to the Birmingham Mail

Reading into the above, the board had allocated some serious funds so that Harry could go get his man. However with Terry choosing to go elsewhere it would suggest that the same money can now by funnelled towards other targets, along with any other funds that had previously been allocated to invest in the squad.

If by using this money Blues went on to sign players comparable in quality to that of David Stockdale and Marc Roberts (and potentially Ravel Morrison too), I know I wouldn’t be the only one to feel that would be a smarter way to spend the money. Especially knowing oh so well what financial issues can be left behind by having such large portions of wage budget on just one player.

Whilst it could be argued that Villa have won the initial battle of 2017/18 season, its only the first of many, in the long war that is the English Championship; and Harry is only just getting started.

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