Law of averages and all that

I’m sorry to disappoint you all but I think this week’s piece will have to be on the smaller side, not much is happening this weekend, is there? I’m only joking, of course I know Adams won player of the month for February…

The Day is Upon Us

Sunday brings another Second City derby, this time at St Andrew’s. Blues enter the game above their rivals and in a better table position to make the playoffs! However, all of that goes out the window when it comes to the derby, one team could be top and one rock bottom and you still couldn’t predict how the game would end up.

Now, instead of doing a little stats and facts match preview as I will do for most games. I’ve decided to tell a story, a story about myself and what the derby means to me. I promise I’m not self-centered…

Every Blues or V*lla fan will argue to their death bed that the derby means most to them and they all have their individual, valid reasons. My story, my story is a little different to most.

I’m 20 years old, so I was fairly young when we last beat V*lla, in the cup Quarters if you had forgotten, so I couldn’t really take the victory in as I would now. As a kid, you never fully understand what the derby means, you just hate whatever side because you’re told to. Most are told by their Dad, who moulded them into the specific team they support. That wasn’t the case for me, I have grown up and lived in a V*lla household for 20 years.

Both my parents are V*lla fans, I think my Mum, yes Mum Mark, not Mom you weirdo, just supports V*lla because of my Dad. My Dad is a strange fella, the guy doesn’t shut up about not caring about football and V*lla. However, when they’re on the telly, I haven’t seen a more passionate football fan, just ask my past TVs how they know…

Being in this V*lla household hasn’t been fun, especially when the only ammo I have is the cup win and that famous Enckelman mistake. He has countless wins, more recent than ours, to hold over my head and it’s just become the norm in my house.

So, if any Blues player or staff member is reading this, please let the lads know that I could do with a win tomorrow and try to make it as embarrassing as possible, mainly because I want a new TV!

As a disclaimer before I forget, I must admit my Dad is, and always has been, a fantastic Dad in taking me to whatever Blues game we can get to, fully supporting them when he is there and I honestly think, he may have been a little converted since I entered the world.

I will never forget when we both stayed up to watch the Cup Quarter Final game and how he didn’t speak to me for a week or so after. I don’t think he appreciated me wearing my Zigic shirt around the house for the next few months but I just want one more month like that, something I can hold over him until the next time we play them.

EFL Gives Blues an Award!

Yes, you did read that subheading correctly, the EFL actually gave Blues, specifically a player, an award. It was announced on Friday that Che Adams had won Player of the Month for February and who can really disagree with that, the kid is on an absolute mad one this month.

He and Jukey have formed a brilliant partnership under Monk and have propelled the Blues this season. If all of this is to go by, the future certainly looks bright!

Adams scored 6 goals in 5 games for Blues, taking his season tally to 21, putting him into serious contention for being the top scorer this season. If he has months like February, he’ll comfortably win that award. Good luck Che, we’re all rooting for you.

Will We Finally Slay The Scum?

Our horrid run against V*lla reminds me, especially due to their nickname, of me fighting a final boss in a video game, specifically Dark Souls. I have tried many times to defeat the final boss but constantly fail, however, due to the law of averages, I have to beat him at some point. I’m sure that rule applies to the Blues this Sunday and hopefully the law of averages kicks in.

To anyone going down on Sunday, enjoy the game, have a cracking day, stay safe and sensible and most importantly, no matter the result just remember it’s only a game, it won’t dictate your life. I know I have to remind myself of that each year!


I'm just a young Blues fan using this platform to vent about Blues as I can't with my parents as they both support Villa... I have out there views and opinions, so don't say I didn't warn you!

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