Losing streak breakers and a new hope

If you feel like you’ve seen this blog title before, you aren’t going crazy, well not just yet anyway. I used to do this blog for another website during the Zola, Cotterill and a bit of Redknapp’s eras, now you can see why I stopped! That was until I read a little tweet asking for Blues writers and I jumped at the chance. Anyway, enough about me, shall we jump into what the weekend holds for us?

Hauling to Hull

Blues face another crucial away trip today when they travel up to Hull, a place we haven’t won at in 10 years! Hull are currently three points behind us in 11th place, so a win for the boys in blue will keep the chasing pack in the dust and it could also lead to us leapfrogging Derby and Bristol into the playoff places, who’d have thought that at the start of the season.

As I just mentioned, Blues don’t have the greatest recent history against Hull, especially when our last visit was a 6-1 thumping. However, we can all agree we are 100x the team we were back then. We are heading into the game on decent form and we are meeting Hull whilst they’re in a little bit of a slump, so it should work out fine.

To all the fans going up today, have a safe journey there and back, hopefully, the boys give you a performance worthy of the support you’ll give them!

A New Hope

Tuesday’s game against play-off chasing Bristol gave us a new hope, actually two pieces of hope and they go by the names of Kerim Mrabti and Connor Mahoney. For the past couple of weeks, us fans have been calling for both these players to be given a chance. Monk gave them that chance Tuesday and they didn’t disappoint.

Both gave the Blues a more attacking threat than what we have seen previously in the season, Mahoney grabbed a goal, although thanks to a deflection, whilst Mrabti looked like a player who could be a crucial squad member for seasons to come.

We haven’t got the best squad depth in the Championship, especially compared with the company we are currently keeping but we still need to rotate the squad every now and then. Hopefully, Monk and Co keep the pair in the team today and we can really attack Hull and show our intent

Another change I wouldn’t mind seeing is giving Jukey a rest and starting Vassell upfront, just to see what a potential partnership between him and Adams can produce, as that’s the more likely partnership for the Blues in the future. Obviously, if Jukey doesn’t need a rest, then don’t fix what isn’t broken and we will roll on to see that partnership produce the goods for another game.

EFL Punishment, Now or Later?

With the news that the FFP EFL punishment meeting is being rescheduled once again, people have been theorising on when the actual points deduction punishment will count, whether it’ll be this season or next season and which option is better. I’ll try and give some light to the situation and then my opinion, even if it is worthless.

I highly, highly doubt the EFL will keep the punishment until next season, mainly because new rules are coming in etc. From a Blues standpoint, why would we want to start a season on minus twelve points, it would pretty much kill off any chance next season, something we do not want at any cost.

It will be much better to have the punishment this season, mainly because I strongly believe we won’t make the playoffs and we aren’t going down this season either, even with a twelve points deduction. This then gives us a clean slate next season to make a very big push for the playoffs. It is disappointing to think our season could be over due to a meeting, but trust me, it will be better in the long run for the club if we take the punishment now.

Also, the lead guy at the EFL is leaving after this season and I’m sure he would love one more accolade of giving out a massive points deduction on his CV before he finally leaves the board and isn’t missed by a single person or club.

Another Saturday, Another Three Points

That’s it for me this week, thanks for taking the time and effort to read this, let me know what you think down below and on Twitter. I’m open to any idea’s you guys have on stuff and content I can include on a weekly basis.

Also, I am known for having a flutter on the weekends, so if you are betting on our game, I’d go with a 2-0 win for the boys in blue, with Adams getting the first goal. Not a bad 40/1 scorecast that, thank me later when that comes in and you’re jetting off to the Maldives!


I'm just a young Blues fan using this platform to vent about Blues as I can't with my parents as they both support Villa... I have out there views and opinions, so don't say I didn't warn you!

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