Part 1 – Preseason

I began my Football Manager 2019 save aiming to emulate Garry Monk’s success, and try and see what, if any, improvements I could implement into this Blues side. It’s safe to say that Pre-Season hasn’t been the easiest of times off the field!

Right from the outset, I thought I would take a look at the budget that TTA had given me. A little bit of me was hoping for a couple of million at least. Let’s just say that I was wrong….

I was literally given nothing to spend, and with next to nothing in the wage to sign anyone decent either, I was left scratching my head on what I could do with this team. Money would be forthcoming however, as just a day into the job as Blues boss, Che Adams come storming in, demanding that he could leave. Che handed in a transfer request and it was West Brom that came calling.

That was as high as offer as I could take at that time. Maybe I should have told Adams that he had no choice and was going no where but when I first refused, I had half the squad call me into a meeting demanding to know why Adams wasn’t being sold to a club like West Brom who have a stronger team. The £7.5 million I thought could have also got me a couple of decent players, but that was before Dong Ren told me that due to budget problems, I could only have 35% of any transfer revenue. That left me with just over £2 million pounds to spend and a striking hole to fill. Looking on the market, there wasn’t anyone that fell in the category of cheap but prolific. Clubs wanted hugely inflated fees and I just wasn’t in the position to offer fees like that yet. However, I found one man, a man that has been around the block but always has a knack for scoring goals. Costing only £250k all in all, I thought it was worth it.

Welcome to Blues, Crouchy! This suits the formation I am playing, as I am playing a counter attacking system, 4-1-2-3. Crouch still has very good stats and whilst he may not play 46 games for me in the Championship this year, I still think he is a very good option to have coming off the bench.

Looking at my squad, one of the first things that I did was put Lee Camp on the Transfer List. He definitely wasn’t in my plans, with all due respect to Lee, I don’t want him anywhere near my Blues first team. However, telling him that he needed to go was proving a little difficult…..

I will sell him though, even if I have to give him away. Coming in from the cold as my No. 1 this Season will be Mr David Stockdale! Glad to have you back on board, David. Looking at his stats, he is still a very, very good Goalkeeper, much better than Camp is on FM and I look forward to having him between the sticks this Season.

I also managed to sign 2 Central Midfielders during Pre-Season. These were Tashan Oakley-Boothe from Tottenham and Joe Willock from Arsenal. Both very good footballers with great potential, I am hoping that they can help bring some much needed flair to the Blues midfield. Because I have signed them 2, I have also decided to sell Craig Gardner. Whilst I appreciate Craig, I don’t need him at the club now but as of yet, haven’t had a solid offer come in. A few youngsters were also loaned out to clubs who guaranteed them first team football. Here is a round-up of the transfers I have made both in and out of the club.

I am at the start of the season now. My team is settled(ish). Unfortunately, Connor Mahoney has just got injured for 3 months in training so I am looking to sign another winger and potentially another LB as cover for Pedersen. This is the team and formation that I am going with for the first game of the Season against Norwich

Next week, I’ll be covering the first 4 games as well as detailing anymore incomings or outgoings at Blues. I have £2 million to spend now with roughly £18k a week to play with regarding wages. Blues fans, who would you like me to sign (preferably a winger or left back please!). Can I get a solid start in my FM save or will selling Che Adams prove a costly mistake? See you next week!

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