1875: Dear Mr Zhao

We Are Birmingham are pleased to announce that we will be joining Almajir and fellow supporters of Birmingham City to work towards improving things at our football club.

We Are Birmingham are pleased to announce that we will be joining Almajir and fellow supporters of Birmingham City to work towards improving things at our football club. Together we truly hope that we can work towards effecting change in a positive manner. This will not be a short process and will require a patient and strategic approach.

Our first action has been to directly get in contact with Birmingham Sports Holdings Chairman Zhao Wenqing to ensure that he and the owner understand some of the things going on at St Andrew’s. This email was sent prior to last night’s statement from BCFC and has also been posted on the Almajir.net and 1875.uk websites

Dear Mr Zhao

Hope you had a good flight back to Hong Kong and that the AGM wasn’t that boring for you. It probably was more fun than the turgid crap masquerading as a football match that was served up to fans at St Andrew’s on January 1.

The match against Wigan was our fourth defeat in a row at home and ensures we remain in 18th place with a relegation dogfight being a real possibility for the third time in the last four years. I guess at least we scored a few goals though?

If you looked at social media, you’d probably see there are a whole bunch of fans who now want you to sack Pep Clotet. One win in twelve in the league isn’t good enough, and as results have worsened so have performances. At the current rate the club is in for a really tough winter and player values will continue to dip, further undermining your bosses’ investment.

The problem isn’t just Clotet though, is it?

Just how much do your underlings Ren Xuandong, Shayne Wang Yao and Edward Zheng Gannan tell you about how the club is doing when you’re not in Birmingham?

It would be an assumption that you’ve seen the tactics board in Ren’s office at Wast Hills, or the mini one that Edward sits with at games to make notes on? Of course, you know that all the directors are passing on their tips, advice or requirements to the coaching staff on how the team should play, who should be picked, etc?

Should you get rid of Clotet, the next manager is going to have to try to unify the team yet again, all while being pestered by three Football Manager wannabes. It’s a good job you’re the only director with a British passport because the stringent work permit regulations in the UK is probably the only thing ensuring that they can’t register themselves as a manager or a player for the team.

If the team are going to be successful and get into the promotion chase that your bosses so desperately want, things are going to have to change on the pitch.

But it’s not just interference in the football side of things that is an issue, is it?

The club have seen their credit record wrecked by incompetence in delayed paying off multiple court judgements, have had the club issued a winding up order for unpaid tax bills, while those companies foolish enough to give the club credit are having to wait longer and longer to be paid.

Meanwhile, your directors are happy to chase up corporate clients for any monies that could be possibly owed while looking through the latest range of Gucci handbags to buy for their wives on the Blues credit card.

Back in July 2018 you told Ren and the senior management team of the time that when the club faces difficulties, the club needs help from everyone instead of blame and accusation. As we all know, the senior management team couldn’t work with Ren and ended up leaving – a pattern that has become oddly familiar at the club with more and more senior staff leaving citing that they cannot work with Ren.

If the club is to realise its potential, then it’s imperative that the rot is stopped now. Your work in Beijing may stop you from spending more time in Birmingham but it shouldn’t be too hard to find a board of directors that can properly lead and manage the club, rather than spend money and hide from problems. Even if it’s just a CEO with relevant experience in western business in general and football in particular, it would be better than the current situation. Maybe someone who doesn’t ask passionate fans if they “want come?” on Twitter…

The alternative is going to be a club that is dragged further and further down – potentially even relegated. An investment that can never be recouped – and possibly even a stock listing that is taken away from your bosses.

You can make it better.

Keep Right On

This letter marks the start of a new campaign set up to try to improve the current situation at St Andrews. We will be posting our efforts on the 1875.uk website – and a mailing list has also been set up for other fans who want to join us in this fight. We have taken this action due to our own beliefs and in no way shape or form claim to speak for anyone but those who wish to be involved in our campaign.





你上网看看的话可能会发现有一大群粉丝希望你解雇Pep Clotet。联赛中12场比赛只赢1场让人难以接受,而且随着比赛结果的恶化,球员们的表现也越来越差。以目前的速度,俱乐部将面临一个真正艰难的冬天,球员价值将继续下降,进一步削弱你老板的投资。

问题不只是出在Pep Clotet身上,对吧?


你可能已经在Wast Hills的任的办公室里见过战术板,或者是爱德华在比赛中用来做笔记的迷你板。当然,你知道所有的教练都在向队员传授技巧、建议或要求,告诉他们球队应该怎么部署,应该选谁上场,等等。

如果你摆脱了Pep Clotet,下一任主教练将不得不再次团结全队,与此同时,三个想当足球教练的人将纠缠不休。你是唯一一个持有英国护照的董事,这是一件好事,因为英国严格的工作许可证制度可能会阻止他们注册为球队教练或球员。






如果俱乐部要实现它的潜力,那么现在就必须停止腐败。你在北京的工作也许会让你没办法花更多的时间在伯明翰,但是与其花钱逃避问题,不如找一个能够正确领导和管理俱乐部的董事会,这应该不会太难。即使只是一个在西方商业尤其是足球领域有相关经验的首席执行官,也比目前的情况要好。我想不会有人在推特上问热情的粉丝是否“you want come?”




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2 Comments on “1875: Dear Mr Zhao”

  • Stephen Cox


    Can you add me to email.list pleae


  • John Hipkiss


    Absolutely first class I first came to support the club in1947 and have never known anything like this .Positional play and tactics unbelievable I would like to sit down with Pep and play through the last few games .As for the owners I believe we the true support ers must do something about it it can be done KRON


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