Blues tick off a new era

Blues have today announced a four-year partnership with Nike, with the American company producing kits, training wear and leisurewear from next season.

It is the first time in the clubs history that the boys in blue will sport the Nike tick and the announcement was met with enthusiasm by the clubs fans. This enthusiasm was echoed by Blues’ CEO, Dong Ren, who claimed:

“The announcement marks the start of an exciting relationship for the Club, Nike is one of the most iconic brands in the world and we look forward to working with them”.

Similar levels of excitement were seen 4 years ago, when the club announced a similar deal with Adidas. However, after producing a number of ‘template’ kits, this excitement dwindled.

Nikes Senior Director has moved the company away from producing such ‘template’ kits, after announcing that the company are “ditching the templates” and claiming “each team’s look will be its own’. What remains to be seen however, is if the partnership being agreed in collaboration with the retail outfit, Just Sport Group, will influence if Blues will indeed get their “own look”.


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  1. Adidas better quality than Nike… Nike things are sized bigger so could be alright for us fat bastards.. Fat belly gut bucket squeezed into a too tight football shirt is not easy on the eye unless you are a Doris

  2. ‪Why the hell are we getting our kit from a 3rd party Sports company? It’s not Nike it’s Just Sport group.They “take on the club shop and all related retail aspects. This includes stock purchasing, club store management, product marketing and running the online store‬“

    We are basically outsourcing all our club shop and kit…. for 4 years. How much are we getting paid for that?

    To me a middle man just adds cost to the end customers. I hope not, but sounds like a dodgy deal for clubs that can’t manage their club shop etc properly. And have no connections to do deals with top brands.

    Why are Palace and Barnsley still not with them if it’s a good idea??

  3. Club shop and dated fashion of clothing has been absolute Shite for a long while Whoever does the merchandising has no feckin idea whatsoever and must shop for clothes at Grace Brothers( are you being served)

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