WAB partner with FansBet

We Are Birmingham are pleased to announce the commencement of an exciting partnership with online betting provider FansBet.com

We have chosen this step specifically because it gives us the chance to grow, strengthen and develop, simply by getting our supporters who do like the occasional bet to change their choice of betting company.

Unlike other betting platforms, FansBet partner with clubs such as ourselves, pledging to return to us 50% of any net profit derived from anyone who opens an account with them and identifies We Are Birmingham as their team during registration.

For us to benefit from this it is essential that fans remember to tag themselves to We Are Birmingham as they sign up, so that in time we can use any funds received to grow the channel. Every time you have a flutter with FansBet, you support WAB in the process!

To get involved please click here.

To see some of the great causes which have already been supported through partnerships with FansBet, please check out their giving back blog.

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