What’s your maths like?

With Blues staying up by the skin of the teeth, the guys touch on performances since the restart and saying goodbye to Jude Bellingham. They also discuss the club’s PR around Jude’s exit and reflect on Wednesday’s protests.

Finally, they talk about the possibility of Aitor Karanka taking over at Blues and what needs to be put in place for that to happen.

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  1. I worry that Karanka is too volotile and will explode and walk out before Christmas if Dong is still at the club, because if he’s here he will interfere. Also I’m concerned about the role that Speakman has within the club, he avoids fans critisism, but I’m not sure that some of the things Dong gets blamed for are actually Speakman. I’d much prefer if we appointed either Cook of Wigan who has done a good job at each of the clubs he’s managed and gained promotions, or Robinson who has done a great job at Oxford on a shoestring of a budget. Trouble with Robinson is, if Dong is still at the club I can see fists flying.

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