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Excitement was building ahead of Garry Monk’s pre-Norwich press conference.

Excitement was building ahead of Garry Monk’s pre-Norwich press conference. Rumours had been floating around since the dawn of 2019 that Blues were looking at Anya or Marshall, the latter deciding he fancied a run around on Bermondsey, nought as strange as folk.

So when Garry said the Blues were “down the line“ with a target Anya was even hotter gossip. Then, talk of a Swede. Please let it be Tomas Brolin or Martin Dahlin. Other news was that nobody “needed” to be sold and take from that what you will. Personally I feel if a cracking bid does come along for one of our prize assets then I could see the board doing business. 

Nights in Norfolk and Scandinavian scrumping

On to to match day and the decision to move this fixture by Sky ranks as one of the worst in history. Not only due to making us hardy fans travel to Norwich on a Friday evening with zero chance of public transport back to Birmingham, or anywhere near for that matter, but Sky’s darlings from across the city were at home… Another opportunity for a love in missed by Sky Sports. 

Journey made, 6pm, a pub found and more importantly going forward… A midfielder announced! Welcome Kerim Mrabti, who has been confirmed as Blues new number 18. Let’s hope he’s more successful than recent wearers of the number… Sam Gallagher and Reece Brown (remember him).

Blues foray into relatively unknown foreign transfers has been rather a mixed bag. Let’s hope super Kerim can faze himself away from the likes of Brock Madsen, Carlos Costly, Arkadiusz Bak and Michel by imposing himself on English football as soon as possible.

On to the game, Blues defeated 3-1 at Carrow road and were thoroughly outplayed. Norwich are a good side who will likely be disappointed if promotion isn’t achieved. The goal music on the other hand, should render them immediately relegated to League 2 if promotion is gained. Only one thing at a football ground is worse… A drum. Terrible fake atmosphere. Needs to be banned.!

Saturday, and with us not in action I’m sure I was joined by many a fan watching YouTube clips of our new signing. You can never really tell what anybody is going to be like from that… as I’m sure if you put the best 5 minutes of my footballing career in a video I would be up there with Messi and Ronaldo.

Revolving Loan Door

Greg Stewart who was recalled last week, has been sent further north to Aberdeen (again) to the annoyance of the ever happy Steve Clarke (boss of Killie). Steve should really have just offered another bag of training balls to keep him for the rest of the season! Another loan deal ended was Kyle McFarlane. Kyle has been cited for repeated lateness and subsequently Barrow have sent him back. I did wonder when announced wether the delights of deepest darkest Cumbria would keep such a young happy. Obviously not. WAB understand that Kyle has been told he will be leaving Blues at the end of his current deal, so let’s hope he can go out again and prove his worth as a goal scorer somewhere.

Housework Weekend

A strange weekend is now ahead of us with the only interesting bit of football being Bristol City v Bolton to see wether we get to a day out in Bristol on Saturday or a Tuesday night trip down the M5. Could be a lot more house work done for some this weekend! Enjoy. Bristol City have tickets priced at a whopping £32, £12 more than Blues charged their fans earlier this season. We Are Birmingham have contacted Bristol City officials about the issues, however as yet have not received a response.

In other news, the V*lla game is now sold out, we wait and see how “sold out” it actually is come March. And on a side note, always nice to see Blues avoiding getting involved in matters that don’t involve them. Wish I could say that about the other 11 championship teams who have “grassed” on Leeds manager Bielsa after last weeks “spy” revelations.

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