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We Are Birmingham was created in 2017 with the aim of being the most reliable, honest and respectable Birmingham City fan site.

We Are Birmingham was created in 2017 with the aim of being the most reliable, honest and respectable Birmingham City fan site.

With regular blogs, a weekly podcast and the newly launched WAB TV, we have become a trustworthy source for Blues news and views – earning ourselves the coveted ‘blue tick’ on Twitter as well as commendations from respected journalists and personalities.

As we enter our third season of existence, we are looking to grow!

Our podcast series will continue to run on a weekly basis, as well as a range of blogs from various writers. This season will also see a large focus on the aforementioned WAB TV, bringing you weekly series’ and regular special features.

We cannot do this on our own though, and here’s where YOU come in!

Obviously growth requires financial backing and there are generally three popular methods that fan sites use to raise funds. Firstly there’s companies such as Patreon that offer content to those that back the product financially. Secondly there’s the option of YouTube advertising and finally; funds can be raised through private sponsorship.

We Are Birmingham has always been, and will continue to be, a non-profit outfit. And in order to keep improving our content, we need this support. Every penny will be re-invested to WAB.

To place our cards on the table; we have decided that arranging our own sponsorship deals is the best way to drive WAB forward.

Patreon hides content behind a paywall and we want everything that we produce to remain free to all! As for YouTube, well they will choose their own adverts and place them in the middle of videos – occasionally mid sentence!

With privately organised sponsorship, not only can we can bring our readers/viewers/listeners products that are relevant to them but we will also be able to decide the placement of advertisements throughout our content.

So, this is our appeal to you! If you would like to get on board with our ever-growing WAB family, or you have a friend or family member who may be interested in using our platform to promote their business, get in touch by contacting us at

If you enjoy our work you can help us make more by buying us a coffee…

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