Southampton to sign Adams

Blues have today agreed a deal to sell Che Adams to Southampton, for an initial fee of £15 million.

Blues have today agreed a deal to sell Che Adams to Southampton, for an initial fee of £15 million.

We Are Birmingham understand, that with add ons, there is potential for this deal to reach close to £20m, whilst there is also a significant sell on clause included in the agreement.

Blues fans will undoubtedly be sad to see the sale of the young striker, who bagged 22 times in the Championship last season, though many of them were resigned to losing him after his best season in English football last season. Adams had had two decent seasons before this one at Blues, but this season his potential was realized in front of goal.

The 22-year-old was signed from Sheffield United for a modest fee of around £1.5m in 2016, and though Blues are making a significant profit on their investment, there is a feeling amongst fans that they could have potentially garnered more for the young star.

That said, We Are Birmingham believe that the player and his agent were told that they would be allowed to leave in the summer, and with Premier League clubs in for the player, Blues fans are unlikely to begrudge Adams for wanting to move on.

£15m will go a long way to helping the club comply with Profitability and Sustainability rules that they fell foul of last season, and as such the sale of Adams was in some way necessary to help that. Seeing one of, if not the best, players at the club is always going to be an unpopular decision, but Blues were aware that for the long term financial stability of the club the sale makes sense.

We would like to wish Che Adams all the best as he aims to do for Southampton what he did for Birmingham City.

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3 Comments on “Southampton to sign Adams”

  • Sausage n Egg


    Blame it on the Dong ….. He couldn’t run a market stall


  • Brian Vaughan


    Brings new meaning to Chinese take away (give away) strip the club of its assets tell the head coach you have got to bring in the kids even if they arnt good enough. Clotit will agree cause hes a yes man dong is a pratt he w


  • Mark Richardson


    Absolutely gutted…congratulations on the board for destroying our club…monk now che…you will always be in our heart che Adam’s…k.r.o


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